Great Taste, Great Food, Fresh Ingredients


Our Food

Spooner Market and Grill was created out of a love and passion for serving people excellent, fresh food. With a foundation on natural ingredients, every menu item is hand-crafted with flavor and quality in mind. Absolutely no foods are fried, and organic ingredients are used at every possible opportunity.  And many of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and providers.  If that’s not quality, what is?


Popular Spooner WI Restaurant

Popular Spooner WI Restaurant

Restaurant in Spooner WI

Popular Restaurant in Spooner, WI


Our History

Spooner Market and Grill has a rich history in a beautiful, historical building.  Joel and Betsy, the hearts behind the restaurant, turned a 100-year-old building into the restaurant that it is today.  Their combined experience in the culinary, retail, and coffee industries create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone.

“Our commute is seven minutes and we usually see at least seven animals. Thank you for welcoming us into your community and embracing our restaurant. We hope we make you feel welcome, special and full.” – Joel & Betsy




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